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Contact MSP

Address: MSP Data, Martin Fredriksson, Idunagatan 4, SE-43144 Mölndal, SWEDEN

Phone: +46 31 7067516; Mobile: +46 705 208339

Email: <martin@msp.se>

WWW: http://www.msp.se/

MSP Network

MSP is connected to the Internet via an ADSL connection provided by Bonet.

People @ MSP

Martin Fredriksson
Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Systems Engineer, Chief Security Officer, etc. As you might guess from this, MSP Data is currently a one man company. The we used at various parts of these pages, is thus to be considered a royal we (yes, Martin considers himself also King of MSP (as opposed to the role he plays in his family, with regards to his wife, one might guess)).

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